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As the winter drags on, Adrian and I are reminded of our high school years and the school trips we would take throughout Italy. One year I was lucky enough to go to Umbria and the earthy, heartwarming cuisine I remember eating will be forever linked in my mind with these months. I specifically remember it was the first time I tried farro, served risotto-style cooked with prosciutto, and a country terrine studded with black truffles. It was in an unbelievably quaint trattoria in Assisi, hometown of St Francis. The ingredients Umbria is known for; olive oil, wine, truffles, salumi, cheese and all types of legumes are part of what makes Italian food everyone’s favorite, they pave the way to a wonderful winter feast! We hope you can join us Saturday, March 10 for a dinner of traditional Umbrian cooking that celebrates all that makes winter dining so much fun (wine really helps too!)

   -Adam and Adrian


P.S. the gnocchi al Sagrantino is as close to a "signature dish" as I have, you'll really love it!